Thursday, May 19, 2016

How To Earn Money Being An Essay Writer Online?

The best essay writers can earn reasonably good money by writing blog posts, articles, website content and essays among other forms of written content. This niche has become more and more important within the online marketing space and the writers have the opportunity to turn their skills and passions into a well-paying position.

Best Essay Writers Freelance From Home

Many of the best essay writers online work from the comfort of their own homes and control their own schedule choosing to work either part time to create a little extra income or as a full time job. There are many essay writing companies that hire writers as well as freelancing sites where you can bid for different projects.

How You Become a Best Essay Writer

Becoming a top essay writer online requires a combination of writing skill, creativity and experience.If you possess excellent written English skills and you are creative in how you express ideas on paper you will receive more and more assignments. That experience in turn will help you rise to the top of the writing pool and earn you respect as well as higher wages. The more experience you have and the larger your portfolio the faster you will become a top essay writer online.

Academic Writing Companies Seek out the Best Essay Writers

There are many online essay writing companies that cater to the academic student. These sites offer to custom write essays and large research papers as well as prepare business presentations and even complete homework assignments. Top essay writers online that hold higher education credentials and have research experience and excellent writing skills can easily work full time writing essays for such companies at good rates.

Skills Needed to Be a Best Essay Writer

If you want to become a best essay writer you must have skills that extend beyond the written page. The first and most important skills include excellent spelling, grammar and the ability to clearly express ideas in written form. Other skills include a vast knowledge of different subjects and topics as well as academic writing styles such as Chicago, APA, Harvard and Turabian. Apart from basic writing skills the best essay writers online also have outstanding soft skills that include friendly and prompt customer service, reliable due date delivery for every assignment, accessibility and excellent after sales service that includes editing, proofing and revision work.

Finding Jobs that Pay Well

Content mills that push out a lot of online marketing pieces have given online writers a bad reputation. These writing mills do not provide quality content and they pay as little as possible to their writers. The good news is that truly gifted writers are finding long-term jobs with employers that value quality content as a part of their overall marketing efforts. Corporations, large and small companies and even non-profit organizations require a lot of content for their websites and marketing materials. Some of the best online resources for the best essay writer online include sites that provide free access to online writing opportunity listing such as:
If you are really serious about finding freelance writing jobs that pay well you can also subscribe to more specialized sites that cater to freelance writers seeking good paying jobs. These sites require higher subscription fees but the jobs you find here can easily and quickly offset the cost of your investment. Writing assignments vary and can include additional writing markets such as ghost writing and book editing These sites include:
  • StudioEnvato
Can the best essay writer online find high paying writing jobs? The answer is yes but it does take time and willingness to invest in the right sites to find those quality writing assignments that result in long-term relationships with top companies around the globe.

Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Rules for Writing First Drafts

You have a storm of ideas in your head and you seem ready to put pen to paper. Want to know what a great essay writer would do next? Check out the following ten rules for writing first drafts.
  1. Leave the world at your door Just forget about everybody – turn off the phone, lock the door, close the e-mail and sign out from social media websites. Make sure no one can reach you at this stage. This is the only way of being able to get in touch with your own thoughts and trigger creativity.
  2. Get in a writing mood Some find it easy to write when they are sad, while some meet their muse in feelings like nostalgia or melancholy. Whatever it may be, do whatever it takes to plunge into that writing mood and to start working.
  3. Write like an essay writer Believe in your writing capacity and don’t waste time on judging every idea that comes to your mind. Just write, write, write like you own the world.
  4. Let your imagination flow This is called free writing – just put down every single word that you feel like writing, without worrying about the final result. This process stirs up creativity and literary fires up the imagination. Soon, you’ll have so many ideas, that you won’t be able to keep up with typing.
  5. Break all the rules It is for sure that you still hear the writing rules imposed by your professors. But guess what? Famous essay writers didn’t care about these rules – they had their own style and success recipes.
  6. Be audacious Daring writing styles are always in fashion. Don’t be afraid to shock the audience with a tangled text!
  7. Learn from the best A good essay writer online is also a great reader. Don’t be shy – just steal whatever stylistic method worked for others and adapt it to your own writing.
  8. Don’t get interrupted Don’t you ever think leaving the essay undone! Get up that chair only after the last word has been put to paper.
  9. Forget about the draft After you have finished, just forget about the draft. Leave it there for days or even weeks. Then, start reading it with a fresh perspective and an objective eye.
  10. Celebrate As all good work needs a reward, indulge yourself after completing the draft with whatever it may bring you joy.

Monday, December 21, 2015 Review

RushMyEssay is one of those custom-writing services that instill great confidence in their users. It has achieved high rankings in the industry due to the quality it delivers, the fair pricing system, the versatile list of services, and great level of satisfaction its customers express. The company also offers a free citation machine at its website. This feature enables students to get properly formatted citations in APA style for their papers.

What Can Students Order?

The list of services is very extensive. Students can rely on writing and editing assistance for all types of papers their professors assign: essay, term paper, article critique, dissertation, book report, review, personal statement, lab report, research paper, coursework, presentation, dissertation proposal, and more.

One of the factors that distinguish from similar services is comprehensive and reliable homework assistance. Its team offers to work on all types of homework assignments, so students can always get the work submitted on time.

Prices and Discounts

The prices at this website are quite affordable. Standard Level, which stands for basic good quality, is completed by MA writers and it’s recommended for high-school, college, bachelor and graduate students. This level comes with quotes from $19.99 to $41.99 per page. Premium Quality is completed by MA/PhD writers and it costs from $21.99 to $43.99 per page, depending on the deadline you set. Platinum is the highest level of quality, which is completed by MA and PhD writers. It’s recommended for complex projects of Bachelor, Master and PhD level. The prices for this level are set from $23.99 to $52.99 per page.

Your first order will be 22% cheaper if you include the discount code at the checkout. If you like the content you receive and you decide to return for more services, you’ll start getting loyalty discounts that range from 5% to 15%.

Quality Delivered and Guarantees

These writers deliver outstanding quality for all customers. It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple homework assignment or a complicated doctoral-level paper; you can always count on the versatile writing team at The important thing to remember is that this company delivers custom-written products, which means that there will be no sign of plagiarism in the content you receive.

When you order a paper at this website, you’ll get guarantees for delivery by the deadline, constant customer support, fair prices with no hidden costs, highest level of confidentiality, unlimited free revisions, free add-ons with each order, and direct access to your certified writer.

Customer Support

The customers can get in touch with the support department at any time of the day or night. The 24/7 live chat feature is very convenient because you can easily access it and you’ll get your answers with no delays. The company also provides an email address and a telephone number as contact options.

Saturday, December 19, 2015 Review

Students always want to rely on a reputable, experienced, convenient, and reliable online service when they decide to order academic papers online. is one of the top custom-writing companies currently available on the market. It delivers different types of papers tailored to meet students’ needs. Due to the flexible ordering system, the company is equally convenient for high-school, college and graduate-level students. The quality is outstanding, and the service offers several guarantees that make the customers feel safe.

What Can Students Order? has over 10 years of experience in the writing industry, so its team knows exactly what students need. The list of services is constantly being updated with new types of papers and assignments. Currently, the list contains the following categories: writing services, dissertation and thesis services, online media products, admission services, editing services, resume services, and assignments.

The most common types of products students order include essay, article, research paper, presentation, case study, term paper, book review, and other types of academic content. However, is not limited to providing the usual services; it also delivers mind maps, multimedia projects, different types of online assignments, and simulation reports. The admission and scholarship essays delivered by this team are great.

Prices and Discounts

This is one of the most reputable custom-writing companies on the market, so most students expect to find higher prices. That’s not the case. The quotes are quite reasonable considering the fact that all customers receive top-notch assistance. The available quality levels are Standard, Premium and Quality.

Standard Quality is priced from $21.99 to $53.99 per page, depending on the deadline (from 10 days to 3 hours). Premium level comes with quotes from $23.99 to $55.99; and Platinum papers cost from $26.99 to $60.99 per page.

Don’t forget the fact that also offers great discounts. For their first order, the customers receive a discount of 15%. The company also provides limited offers that enable the users to save up to 40%. To get such an offer, you need to enter your email address and you’ll get a special code in your inbox. As you keep accumulating pages through more orders, you’ll get loyalty price reduction of 5%, 10% and 15%.

Quality Delivered and Guarantees

The writers at are very talented. They cover the areas of study they are qualified for, so you can expect focused, reliable assistance when you hire this company. All writers hold Master’s or doctoral degrees.

Students get only custom-written papers when they place orders at this website. The guarantees also include timely delivery, money-back policy, collaboration with an expert writer, free amendments upon request, and more.

Customer Support

Students get constant access to the customer support department via live chat. The company also offers phone numbers for US, UK, and Australian customers.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Looking for the Best Essay Writers? You’re at the Right Website!

All Students Need Assistance from Essay Writers Online

When you are stuck with a particularly challenging paper, you have only one thought on your mind: “how can I find the best essay writer online?” That’s a good starting point. A talented writer can certainly help you to achieve the goal you’re after.
However, you should be careful not to fall for the claims of scamming custom-writing companies. There are plenty of services that assign the orders to writers who do not possess relevant knowledge and experience. You don’t want to deal with a copywriter; you want to hire a top essay writer online.
When you rely on our company, we will pair you with an author who holds a degree in the appropriate area of study. If, for example, you order a research paper from the niche of history, you will work with a writer with an MA or PhD in history. Of course, you can hope for top-notch results when you collaborate with the best essay writers online.

Thursday, December 17, 2015 Review is a custom-writing company with a cute website design and a very convenient ordering process. The percentage of returning users is very high, so the service gained reputation as one of the best available solutions for students who need to purchase papers online. The blog section is quite useful; it includes articles that teach students how to write better papers and study more effectively.

What Can Students Order?

The list of services is very detailed. First of all, delivers the usual types of papers that students need: custom essay, book report, term paper, research paper, coursework, review, article, and other academic papers. The company also delivers more complex types of content, such as lab reports, research summaries, dissertations, reaction papers, application papers, statistics projects, programming assignments, and more.

In addition to custom-writing assistance, also offers editing, proofreading and formatting services. The company has hired some of the most experienced editors in the industry, so it’s a smart choice for people who need editing services for complex and important papers (such as dissertations, research proposals and theses).

Prices and Discounts

The prices at this website are slightly higher when compared to the offer of other custom-writing services. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that delivers unmatched quality and always pairs the customers with writers who hold a relevant MA or PhD degree.

The quotes per page are separated in three categories: Standard, Premium and Platinum quality. The customers can choose from 10 urgency options, which range from 10 days to 3 hours. According to these criteria, the quotes per page start from $30.31 and go up to $87.92. Platinum orders are always completed by the top 10 writers in the relevant categories, and they come with included VIP support.

Quality Delivered and Guarantees

The professional team of writers delivers quality that most other services in the industry cannot match. When the customer orders a paper at, the company pairs him with a writer with a suitable graduate-level degree. The writers accept additional instructions and they are always ready to provide updates on the order’s progress. Free revisions are available for all users of the website, so you can easily get your paper improved if you don’t like the first version the author delivers.

The guarantees include: customer support available 24/7, free extra features with each order, money-back guarantee, completion of orders of any style and difficulty, proper formatting, ultimate confidentiality, delivery by the deadline, and more.

Customer Support

It’s easy to get in touch with the customer support at via online chat. The facility is available 24/7. In addition, the customers can send an email or call the agents on a UK telephone number.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Review

Students have to choose a specialized writing service when they want to order papers online. For example, American writers cannot handle Australian academic writing style. For Aussie students, is the most reliable option on the market. The company has been delivering custom-tailored content since 1997, and it’s constantly upgrading its offer to meet the needs of contemporary students.

What Can Students Order?

First of all, you can order homework assignments in all areas of study at this website. When students have no time to handle their homework, is a convenient solution. More complex types of content are also available for order. The company delivers all types of assignments, essays, case studies, dissertations, theses, lab reports, term papers, coursework assignments, research papers, book reports, and more.

A full list of services is available in the dropdown menu in the pricing chart, as well as in the order form. The company has hired a high-quality team of editors, so students can get their own papers fixed if they want to improve the overall impression.

Prices and Discounts

The prices at are very reasonable, considering the level of quality the writers from this company deliver. The quotes for Standard Quality are set from $19.99 per page to $46.99 per page, depending on the deadline the customer chooses. Premium Quality comes with slightly higher quotes per page – from $21.99 to $48.99 per page, whereas Platinum Quality is priced from $24.99 to $58.99 per page. These prices are expressed in Australian dollars.

Students are always happy to get high-quality papers for a discounted price, so meets their requirements. The first orders come with a price reduction of 20%. If you decide to order more papers at the website, you’ll become part of the company’s loyalty program. Returning users get up to 15% off when they order more pages at the website.

Quality Delivered and Guarantees

All writers hold MA or PhD degrees obtained from prestigious Australian universities. For Aussie students who want to collaborate with native writers, this company is a safe choice that guarantees satisfactory results. The quality is outstanding, and the customers have the right to free revisions if they don’t like something in the delivered paper.

In addition to free revisions, also guarantees on-time delivery, free features with each order, safe ordering procedure, no hidden charges, 24/7 support, and more.

Customer Support

The customer service department contributes towards the overall impression about this website. The agents are very friendly and they answer all questions immediately. The customers can contact an agent via online chat, email and separate phone numbers for Australian, Canadian and US customers. The representatives answer all email messages as soon as possible.