Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Rules for Writing First Drafts

You have a storm of ideas in your head and you seem ready to put pen to paper. Want to know what a great essay writer would do next? Check out the following ten rules for writing first drafts.
  1. Leave the world at your door Just forget about everybody – turn off the phone, lock the door, close the e-mail and sign out from social media websites. Make sure no one can reach you at this stage. This is the only way of being able to get in touch with your own thoughts and trigger creativity.
  2. Get in a writing mood Some find it easy to write when they are sad, while some meet their muse in feelings like nostalgia or melancholy. Whatever it may be, do whatever it takes to plunge into that writing mood and to start working.
  3. Write like an essay writer Believe in your writing capacity and don’t waste time on judging every idea that comes to your mind. Just write, write, write like you own the world.
  4. Let your imagination flow This is called free writing – just put down every single word that you feel like writing, without worrying about the final result. This process stirs up creativity and literary fires up the imagination. Soon, you’ll have so many ideas, that you won’t be able to keep up with typing.
  5. Break all the rules It is for sure that you still hear the writing rules imposed by your professors. But guess what? Famous essay writers didn’t care about these rules – they had their own style and success recipes.
  6. Be audacious Daring writing styles are always in fashion. Don’t be afraid to shock the audience with a tangled text!
  7. Learn from the best A good essay writer online is also a great reader. Don’t be shy – just steal whatever stylistic method worked for others and adapt it to your own writing.
  8. Don’t get interrupted Don’t you ever think leaving the essay undone! Get up that chair only after the last word has been put to paper.
  9. Forget about the draft After you have finished, just forget about the draft. Leave it there for days or even weeks. Then, start reading it with a fresh perspective and an objective eye.
  10. Celebrate As all good work needs a reward, indulge yourself after completing the draft with whatever it may bring you joy.